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PT100 Serial Temperature Probe photo

PT100 Serial Temperature Probe

High precision temeperature probe with serial output communication RS485 (supporting ModBus and text protocols) or SDI-12. Assemble with industry standard M12 connector. Precision down to +/-0.1°C in full temerature range. Resolution down to 0.001°C.

PT100 Serial Temperature Probe datasheet
HumiAir Relative Humidity Probe photo

HumiAir Relative Humidity Probe

Fully encapsulated relative humidity probe for extreme weather measurements. Provides temperature, humidity and dew point values. Output options with analog voltage, RS232, RS485 and SDI-12 interface.

HumiAir Relative Humidity Probe datasheet
PT100 Temperature Probe photo

PT100 Temperature Probe

Highest precision PT100 probe. Produced in 2 grades (+/-0.05°C and +/-0.03°C @ 0°C). Encapsulated in watertight stainless steel housing.

PT100 Temperature Probe datasheet
PT100 Manual Tip Probe photo

PT100 Manual Tip Probe

Probe designed for manual insertion into ground for in field measurements. Output is RS485 (text and Modbus). Fully encapsulated.

PT100 Manual Tip Probe datasheet


EasyLogGSM photo


Universal datalogger with 4 single ended + 4 differential analog inputs, 4 digital inputs. Up to 8 serial sensors. EWS (Early Warning System) integrated to generate warnings (SMS) and immediate datatransfer to server.

EasyLogGSM datasheet
PROLog photo


This is our datalogger product range flagship. The best and most complex datalogger we produce. It can accept 8 SE analog inputs + 12 differential analog inputs, 8 digital inputs and 8 serial (RS232 or RS485) inputs. Extendable with 4 additional RS232 ports for sensors. On board is located SD memory card, 2G/3G/4G modem for global coverage, small solar panel input and 12V Pb accu battery management. Sending data over internet (email, FTP, socket, SMS). Firmware including EWS (Early Warning System).

PROLog datasheet
MiniLog photo


Simple datalogger with 1 SE analog input + 1 digital input. Or only one serial input version. Internal LiION battery. On board flash disc of 4MB for logged data. On request we can provide small solar panel attached to front end for all year operation.

MiniLog datasheet
HandyLog photo


Hand held device with serial input (RS232 or RS485) and optionally 1SE analog input + 1 digital input. Large display with variable number size. Internal LiION battery (charged through USB) and 4MB of flash data disc.

HandyLog datasheet
EasyLogWXT photo


Mobile version of EasyLogGSM. Most of the production is on custom request.

EasyLogWXT datasheet


Surge485 Overvoltage Protection photo

Surge485 Overvoltage Protection

Robust, over years proved overvoltage protection. Production started in 1998. Used on almost all of our installations. Protects one pair of RS485 signal line.

Surge485 Overvoltage Protection datasheet
RS232/485 Converter photo

RS232/485 Converter

Optically and galvanically isolated RS232/485 converter with overvoltage protection. It provides isolated power supply for connected sensor on RS485 side with capability of about 100mA @ 12V. Communication speed 9600bps or 19200bps.