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Our history started in 1992. During this long period of time we spent most of our time with design of low power dataloggers with high precision low voltage measurements. Therefore we feel strong position in this field. Later we started production and installation of meteorological instruments and stations. And now we can offer wide range of hardware and software products with supporting services.

Devices from our production are used globally from Singapore, through Europe to Americas. In mountains with harsh windy, humid and snow, icing environment to desert sands. In arctic region or in remote locations of solar panel farms. We always offer professional solution.

During our history we try to understand customer’s needs. Most of them are focused on their professional goals. Meteorologists, scientists, public protection authorities, teachers, industry users and many others. The most important is to help them in problematic situations. They can rely on our support.

Mostly valued by our customers is not only quality of products and services. But partnership. Many of them are our friends. If you are looking for supplier, we will be happy to offer our products. But if you are looking for long term partner for your job – you are on the right address. Please, contact us and we will be happy to find new application, solution or even new product.